What makes us unique, 5 star rental service, detailed local knowledge, industry leading training. Knowing the property you are renting make it in safe hands.

Working closely with landlords ensures properties are properly maintained. We adhere to proper procedures to make sure you are satisfied with the rental process.

We work with many other brokers as well, knowing the up to date market figures and availability.

Since associated with a variety of industry and regulatory bodies that enable professional agents to subscribe to their strict codes of practice. Offering customers peace of mind that their best interests. Both financial and social. Rental agreements shall be protected.


Polish Civil Code distinguishes between: a lease (najem) which grants the right to use property for a definite or indefinite period of time subject to payment; and a tenancy (dzierżawa), which governs the right to use and collect profits from real estate for a definite or indefinite period of time subject to payment.

Last modified 01/12/2019

Rental Agreements with customer best interests, both financial and social.