As e-commerce accounts for an increasing proportion of the retail cake, physical stores are less focused on shopping and more on so-called experience .

It cannot be denied that shopping changes over time. However, remember that shopping experience in the store is irreplaceable when using other networks.

” Retailtainment ” is another trend that is taking over the industry, and customers also expect it. It’s about the entertainment offer in the store – not necessarily for direct sales, but for the purpose of choosing visitors to the store.

Shopping innovation is the icing on the cake. It is about new technologies implemented in the store – after all, more time in the store can lead to better relationships with customers and, hopefully, to more sales.


It can be seen very clearly lately that customers are looking primarily for a comprehensive package.


What a customer can gain by visiting the store in person can build relationships and shape opinions in a way that a website’s brand cannot be used.

Shopping consumption behavior is constantly changing, and brands must constantly adapt to their expectations.

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