Whether just located on foot on the property ladder or it has been heavily wedged there for some time, buying art for personal space is an exciting experience that undoubtedly makes a home a home.

The choice can be overwhelming at times, but with a little expert and these five golden rules to follow, you can be sure to find the perfect piece – and make his discovery an unforgettable moment.

Rule # 1: Love your art

This sounds obvious, but too many people go on to look for one thing in mind: investment. Knowing that the composition you choose can increase your financial value over time, this should not be the determining factor for choosing an item. If value has a part to play, let it be sentimental.

If the investment comes to your choice, let it be joy in coming back to it after a long, hard day.

Rule # 2: we support the artist, we support the dream

You may have heard the saying “When you buy from a small business, you support sleep”. It cannot be more relatable than when searching for a theme. The stereotype of the artist struggling is too real: what we do not see when the price range of painting is how many hours go to this piece, materials, media used – not to mention the accreditation of the skill itself.

And when buying art you should not leave broke, allowing prices swaying your image can lead to poor overall quality work and thus a lower life span for the selected song. What is a better way to give your home character than to support the artist and creativity in the process?

Rule # 3: Work with space

There is plenty of reading material you can ask for when it comes to buying art that works well with your home specifications, but what it really boils down to is to know the space you work with. Will the huge graphics shrink that small studio space? Will a small A5 size print get lost in the width of a large size kitchen mural? There is room for every piece, and a piece for every place.

If you’re drawn to small pieces, consider building a symmetrical collection – Creating contact points with a photo collection can be just as effective as one large-scale piece, and add to the essence of your home at the same time! If you feel creative and risky enough to build a gallery wall at home, see this article for hanging art tips.

# 4 rules: Create a connection

It does not matter if this is the first or fiftieth graphics for the home – consistency and balance is the central choice for the right work for the walls. Color, media, style and theme are all key factors to consider.

Choosing a composition that matches the colors and shades of furniture, interior and strange decorations is one popular approach; in neutral areas is different. However, you decide to create a coherence between art and home, take the opportunity to set the tone of the room of art you choose.

A calm abstract piece, for example, can promote peace throughout the central living room. Similarly, soft watercolors in the image are more likely to soften the space, while oil paintings with thick textures can in turn energize the atmosphere in the room.

Rule # 5: Buy the best

With more and more markets, both physical and online, it’s easy to fall into the trap of bad peddle art. Remember to avoid clever dealings and stick to reputable sources that put the artist and buyer first support.

What’s more, with a free art consultancy service, you can take the stress out of these difficult decisions and find a piece designed for the home with ease and confidence, leaving plenty of space for fun buying art to get started!

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