On mirror inside home there are different views in the world of Feng Shui. WE use them for exaple to solve different problems.

The mirror has very special properties in an environment. Meanwhile creating a virtual space or reflect light. The interior designers are well aware of its effectiveness in eliminating columns. So we increase a small space or amplify its illumination. If we believe that these applications are not useful for feng shui we are decoupling a new functionality in reference to space. You can call it a key part in the study of this art. We must also remember for some practitioners of traditional feng shui, the existence of references on the interaction of these objects. Therefore, it makes sense to speak of the mirrors as one more element in feng shui.

Here are some general criteria about mirrored objects:

In interior mirrors one tries to avoid reflecting figures, paintings or information with a bad feng shui since we would amplify their “virtual” presence within the space. The sensible thing in this situation is to remove objects with bad feng shui. Like, when the reflected is a fire, problematic stairs, a conflictive corner or other similar elements one would have to eliminate or change the mirror from this site.

Mirror Interior Design


Furthermore we do not advice to use broken or distorted mirrors. Nor are suggested bevelled mirrors, like those that incorporate lines on the surface that produce cuts or duplication on the images. The old superstition that breaking a mirror brings bad luck is because some believed that there is a distortion of energy that causes a broken or bruised surface. To avoid the 7 years of bad luck you do not have to call no witch, you just have to change the broken mirror with a new one.

Old mirrors

Mirrors with gray or dark stains are not recommended for “inside” because they resemble dark and gloomy doors. This way we are giving a diffuse ambient to the environment.

The very old mirrors are not the best choice, especially if they have belonged to places or people who did not have good feng shui. Some esoteric traditions invested the mirror with certain properties to capture or store information.

Enlarging space

Mirrors can be used to enlarge hallways or also to amplify images with good Feng Shui, as certain paintings, sculptures and landscapes. If you use mirrors to look at yourself or to tidy yourself up try to have a comfortable vision. Place where you do not have to stand on something or bend down to look at you or get distorted by surface imperfections.

Right placement

Do not have mirrors in front of your front door, because the sensation is that of projecting the incoming Qi to its place of origin. Neither are they desirable when they reflect directly the bed because it is as if you were permanently unprotected in a draught (window) and sleep requires an orderly and peaceful energy.

Creating good vibes

Although there may be different opinions, a mirror when creating depth moves further away the sense of stability, which is important for the sleep. Try walking on a surface like this, and you will feel like falling to the empty. you might have this feeling of ostentatious in a bedroom.

Shape of mirrors

Some schools use them to reject aggressive environmental influences, though it should be explained or weighed towards what the energy is projected. In this sense some teachers disadvise against their use.

What happens when a type of Qi is unpleasant and we put our intention to divert it to any other site through a mirror? Regardless of the true value of this practice it is better to seek responsible solutions in managing energy and mental intention, since the Chi follows thought, and there is an old and good advice saying “Treat others the way you like to be treated … “

As to certain virtues of “refusal” attributed to mirrors, we must be prudent when used as remedies for influences caused by electromagnetism, mobile antennas, electric fields, as well as other attacks that penetrate through the mass of reflective glass. Use as always, a dose of common sense.

If you want more information for a parallel, rather esoteric character in relation to the mirrors, read the sixth chapterof the sixth work: “The inner fire” of the author Carlos Castaneda. Editorial. Gaia. You will find curious relations on the flow of water, depth and mirror as a window.

Mirrors are known as aspirin in Vastu and Feng shui. They are not only powerful in fixing the flaws of the house but also in bringing amazing results to double up the wealth and opportunities in life provided they are rightly placed.

Symbolism of Mirror forms

Square and rectangular mirror means balance

Mirror in Interior Design

Octagonal mirror is connected to power and has a special importance as it can capture, increase or divert energy

Mirror in Interior Design

Mirror circulate wealth, abundance and unity. If the objective is wealth, a golden frame is best recommended, and it should place it in the southeast of the house or office.

Mirror in Interior Design

Round concave mirror: energy bounces outside. They are used to divert and avoid unfavourable energy.

Circular Convex Mirror: is usually placed on the outside as it is attributed protective qualities. It deflects negative energy away.

Mirror in Interior Design

Tips to keep in mind

  • Mirrors must never be placed in front of doors and windows​.
  • Do not place a mirror in front of another.
  • In the bedroom no mirrors in the opposite side of the bed. If flat screen TV on the wall, we recommend placing it a little high, precisely to not reflect the bed.
  • As far as possible, these pieces should be large enough to reflect the whole face or body.
  • Antique mirror: best avoided if the surface is in poor condition because they deteriorate the life of looking at it. Despite its decadent charm, it is always best to keep the frame and change the mirror.
  • Bevelled mirror: they are not advisable because they produce asymmetries.