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Aspirational and sophisticated London

Long seen as a enclave for foreign billionaires, with private security guards patrolling its stuccoed squares.  It’s one of the most sought-after streets in the city, located just off Kensington Church Street. 

As well as being close to restaurants, shops and beautiful parks, the area is quaint, quiet and packed with character. 

An island, but an area in east London within a large meander of the River Thames. 

You know the one, the one in the opening credits of the BBC’s EastEnders.

Teddington offers London riverside living for less. The combination of riverside sports, a good range of family houses and the large parks nearby has meant that this stretch of the river has long appealed to families.

Wrocław - city on river islands

With no doubt, Wrocław is one of the most spectacular cities in Poland. You will fall in love with the city while walking around the fairy tales streets and bridges.
Mohammed Akid
Visiting this place has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever lived in Poland, I fell in love with its beauty, monuments, architecture and art.
Kim Doe

Dubai Luxury Living

Waterfront homes are more accessible now than ever. From price to availability, residents are finding more reasons to buy a waterfront property.

Inspiring Qatar

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