shopping uk

A lot of products can be found for less in competitor stores or online, however this would involve more shopping around. For convenience of getting all the essentials in one place, Boots is very reasonably priced.  BootsContinue Reading

Mirror in Interior Design

On mirror inside home there are different views in the world of Feng Shui. WE use them for exaple to solve different problems. The mirror has very special properties in an environment. Meanwhile creating a virtual spaceContinue Reading

Syrian Cotton Apparel Factory

We work exclusively with family based, factory of quality textiles whom we’ve built a close, trusting and lasting relationship with.  We offer premium, soft, cotton fapparel, for all day comfort with a non-binding waist band that allowsContinue Reading

Dorchester Hotel residences Dubai

And again a holiday! We look dreamily at airline billboards. Beach, palm trees, sunshine almost always guaranteed. Exoticism. Or maybe what is always our favorite place in the south of Europe. And the annual family argument, where to go not to overpay,Continue Reading