And more.. We are actively searching the market to find the best properties and ensure you can acquire property at the very best prices in today’s competitive housing market.


The group supports partners and clients with real estate investments focusing on acquisitionreclamation, and exploitation of property with added value and underlying assets.

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Process Management
  • Owner’s Representation Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Partnership

As a family real estate investment firm we are proud of a thoughtful approach to every relationship and investment.

Carefully chosen property portfolio includes a mix of investment in residential and commercial real estate. 

The mission is to build long-term value by creating high quality real estate projects that benefit our investors

Project presentation: Anas Alsaqati with Ministers from Syria, Qatar and Lebanon. Project presentation: Anas Alsaqati with Ministers from Qatar, Syria and Lebanon.

Our aim is to identify opportunities that will integrate and add value. When we see a project meeting the optimal requirements, we act fast, thinking about growth We work on adjusting the value application or plan strategy to achieve the highest return performance. 

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