As a family real estate firm, we are proud of a thoughtful approach to every relationship and investment.

Carefully chosen property portfolio includes a mix of investment in residential and commercial real estate. The basket includes apartments, townhouses, villas, offices, retail spaces.

We are looking for ways to increase the value of our investments. Both, through the development and acquisition and improvement of real estate. In addition we do support local initiatives.

Our team has a common commitment to excellence. And focuses on doing the right things at every turn.

The mission is to build long-term value by creating high-quality real estate projects that benefit our investors. We are known for our ability to exercise. Our emphasis on building relationships is our integrity.

We could talk about us longer. About our history, experience and contacts. But this business is mostly about our investors. People, who trust us with their money, assets, families. We take our responsibilities very serious. The recommendation is our best marketing tool.

The group supports partners and clients with real estate investments focusing on acquisitionreclamation and exploitation of property with added value and underlying assets.

  • Deal Sourcing
  • Process Management
  • Owner’s Representation Services
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Partnership

We offer an extensive consulting for real estate in order to clarify the figures in the process reliably and effectively.

Real Estate nvestments from home with a truly passionate professionals. Real Estate opportunities that properties increase valuesYour value added:

We will offer you lean and transparent process, along with a legally robust property and trusted provider. You can have the correct information to ensure you have a efficient portfolio and can make the right decision. In addition, you can benefit from a coherent procedure.

Our clients benefit from our interdisciplinary consulting approach and our traditionally close collaboration with tax law team and international consultants. Furthermore, pragmatism and goal orientation are the guiding principles that underlie our actions.

We identify opportunities that will integrate and add value. When we see a project meeting the optimal deadlines, we act fast,thinking about growth, and work on adjusting the value application or management strategy to achieve the highest return performance. 





fairly low-risk




measurable growth




3-10 years